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UK Fleet Management System
Job & Order Management

Manage Your Jobs, Services & Orders

Whether your organisation delivers goods or performs services on-premises, Dart Jobs and Order Management has got you covered. Enter a few key details to quickly add incoming orders, delivery drops or service to carry-out.

Watch Dart Jobs in Action

Creating and managing jobs inside Dart is a dream: Set delivery or service dates and times, Specify dwell times, Automatically search for the location of a job and Specify job types. Dart can even manage the weights of the load and notify you if the vehicle is overloaded!

One Fully Featured Application

Our fully integrated Job Management powers your business output eliminates the need for multiple systems and speeds up your workflow. You really can run your business in one application with Dart.

Easy Addresses

Job addresses are auto-filled as you type and locate tricky “off the beaten track” locations easily using the Dart’s location finder functionality.

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Jobs for Your Key Accounts

Create Jobs for your existing key customers and have their addresses pre-populated for speed and ease.

Inventory & Line Items

Add multiple line items to a Job. Line items for delivery are the individual items which make up the Job. Line items for service-based companies are the tasks you will be carrying out. Your workforce can view all this information easily in the Driver Companion App (iOS & Android). Dart includes a full inventory system, quickly add your line items to jobs by searching your in-app inventory of products and services.

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Import Your Jobs

Previously paper-based? No worries! Import Jobs from excel spreadsheets using Dart’s job importer.

Stay Organised

Dart makes it simple to organise your jobs using statuses. Each Job has a “Job Status” and a “Driver Status”. Job Statuses make it easy to see where in your service/delivery cycle a Job is. Alternatively, Driver Statuses allows insight into the actions the Driver or Engineer has made against a Job.

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Delivery Evidence

Delivery Evidence

Receive signatures, photographs and notes from your Drivers and Engineers out in the field. All registered drivers within your organisation can issue delivery evidence from the Dart Driver Companion app.

Your Mobile Workforce Companion

Your workforce deserves as much support as they can get out in the field – when tasked with dealing with deliveries, pitching, moving goods or selling face to face.

Our free app will enable your drivers to view current, and upcoming shifts, view jobs and navigate to locations using a friendly but powerful interface.

Dart Driver Companion can obtain delivery evidence, such as signatures and photographs. Your usual quality of service is assured every time.

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