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UK Fleet Management System
Manage Fleet & Vehicles

Fleet Management Made Simple

Managing your companies own vehicle assets, rented vehicles, or grey fleet need not be a long and daunting task. Dart’s quick and easy onboarding of both your vehicles and drivers means you can be ready to ship in no time.

Add Your Fleet With Ease

Add Vehicles by their registration number, and Dart fills in the blanks.  Dart utilises Vehicle metrics from the DVLA to make informed choices about route planning and optimisation. When planning routes, fuel economy and the Vehicle choice is considered too for maximum performance. Adding your Vehicles gives you the best option for further cost savings.

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Grey Fleet

Utilising your workforces private Vehicles (Grey Fleet) is becoming a defacto in the fleet space. Dart is Grey Fleet compatible out of the box. No Vehicle hardware required for any private, rented or Grey Fleet Vehicle. Add your drivers, instruct your mobile workforce to download the Driver companion app and get on the road!

Rapid Driver Onboarding

Dart Fleet Management makes managing your permanent or temporary drivers easy. Simply open the Drivers view, click add a Driver and fill in their details – ready to drive. They are added to the system and can download and use the Dart Driver Companion Driver app for managing their workload and real-time tracking in mere minutes.

Rapid Driver Onboarding

Your Mobile Workforce Companion

Your workforce deserves as much support as they can get out in the field – when tasked with dealing with deliveries, pitching, moving goods or selling face to face.

Our free app will enable your drivers to view current, and upcoming shifts, view jobs and navigate to locations using a friendly but powerful interface.

Dart Driver Companion can obtain delivery evidence, such as signatures and photographs. Your usual quality of service is assured every time.

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