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Route Optimisation

Seamless Route Optimisation

Built in-to Darts innovative planning experience, enjoy the benefit of speedy real-time routes as Dart performs intelligent route optimisation on the fly. Route optimisation has never been this seamless.

Intelligent Routes

Depending on your preference; Dart can take command in your routing and ordering your drivers shift itinerary accordingly – a real timesaver!. Alternatively, you can take the lead and organise your jobs inside a shift manually – regardless of your workflow, view your routes generated live as you plan!

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Control Your Routing

Take control over route optimisation with fine-tuning. Dart offers granular control over your preferences. Prefer fast routes? No worries. Maybe avoiding motorways is ideal next week? Dart includes controls to enable your mobile workforce with the most efficient, fastest and economical journey.

Empowering Your Fleet

When optimising shifts and routes, Dart utilises technical information from the selected shift vehicle. This data helps inform which are the best optimisations to make. Be confident and empower your fleet when optimising routes with Dart.

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