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Not Just Vehicle Tracking…

Dart Fleet Management empowers your business with its powerful suite of features. Dart is not just vehicles on a map. It adapts to your bespoke workflow providing intuitive tools to run your business from one application.

Planning Drivers Shifts

Organise all of your drivers daily itinerary, including stop-over shifts, vehicle loads and weight. Dart can help plan your shifts automatically with Dart AutoPlan and saving hours of manual planning. Alternatively plan your shifts by location with Dart GeoPlan. Get the most efficient runs for you drivers with confidence.

Learn More – Planning

Live Locations & Real-Time Tracking

Track your mobile workforce and vehicles without costly vehicle tracking hardware. View real-time insights into the locations of your drivers. See the drivers progress against a shift, or get a view of the whole operation via the Dart Overview. Dart real-time tracking is powered by our free Dart Driver Companion app for your drivers out in the field.

Learn More – Live Locations & Tracking

Job & Order Management

Add and import your orders – Dart has a full status and event driven job management system built in. From adding deliveries, to arranging pickups or performing services on premises.

Learn More – Jobs & Orders

Route Optimisation

Harness the power Artificial Intelligence. Built into the planning workflow, Dart provides a near seamless route optimisation experience. When creating shifts, watch as your optimised route comes alive instantaneously. At the click of a button, Dart can re-organise a shift based on the fastest, shortest or most economical routes.

Learn More – Route Optimisation

You Drivers, Vehicles & Fleet

Manage your small, medium or large fleet of vehicles with ease by simply entering the vehicle registrations and have Dart do the hard work automatically. Dart works great with Grey Fleets too!

Learn More – Vehicles & Fleet

Customer Accounts

Your key customers created and managed quickly and easily. Assign your staff as account managers and raise jobs in record time. Dart’s customer account management brings real value.

Learn More – Customer Accounts

Your Mobile Workforce Companion

Your workforce deserves as much support as they can get out in the field – when tasked with dealing with deliveries, pitching, moving goods or selling face to face.

Our free app will enable your drivers to view current, and upcoming shifts, view jobs and navigate to locations using a friendly but powerful interface.

Dart Driver Companion can obtain delivery evidence, such as signatures and photographs. Your usual quality of service is assured every time.

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